Escape World’s Toughest Prison – Stage 3

Escape World’s Toughest Prison by Mobest Media
is a classic escape game with all its original elements. Solving puzzles, cracking codes, lock picking, finding hidden objects and combining items to escape the rooms. This challenging adventure game has 20 different rooms. Hurry up, the world’s toughest prison isn’t a nice place to spend your time – escape!


Stage 3

Zoom the left trash can.
— Tap the trash can
— Tap the screwdriver
Zoom the right boxes
Zoom the left box
— Tap the screwdriver
— Tap the screws
— Tap the red button
— Tap the paper
— Tap the paper to read (You have to count all cup, trash can and chair)
— Tap the paper
— Tap the left chair, there is 1 cup
— Tap the right chair, there is 2 cup
— Tap the boxes
Zoom the combination panel
— Tap the number of cup, trash can and chair (3 2 4)
— Tap the green button
— Tap the book
— Tap the book in your inventory
— Tap to close
Zoom the tile on the floor on the left.
Zoom the tile
— Tap on each arm to change color identically in the book
— Tap the red button
— Tap the key
— Tap the key in your inventory
— Tap the door-lock
Clic here to ESCAPE!

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