Doors&Rooms 2 – Chapter 1 – Stage 13

The main goal in 100 Doors is to escape the room.  Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level.
Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this!

Solution :

1-Take the piece of paper.
2-Tap the book and insert the piece of paper.
3-Tap the end blade.
4-Take the wooden shaft and combine with the end blade
5-Use the harpoon to cut the net and drop a bag.
6-Take the bag and dismantel to get 4 different coins.
7-Open the crate and take the piece of paper.
8-Tap the book and insert the piece of paper.
Solution : “?” is the total of the addition according to the value of each coin  (13-18-12-28).
9-Enter the code : 13-18-12-28, Pull the handle and take the key
10-Tap the sheet on the barrel, Quiz Answer is : 6583 (count the fish with size and direction :
big facing left – small facing right – big facing right – small facing left.)
11-Use the key to escape.
Click here to Escape!

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