Can You Escape The 100 Room IV – Walkthrough Level 2


Can you Escape The 100 Room IV from EscapeFunHK

All the answers here! Solve many puzzles, use items and use all the potential of your mind to open the doors and escape from the rooms.

Solution Level 2:


Tap on the couch and grab the candle

Tap on the carpet and grab another candle

Tap on the tree pot on the right and grab the third candle

Tap on the fire and grab the cutters

Tap on the candles on the left. Take the candles in your inventory and put them on the table

Take the half circle piece inside the middle thing then tap on the box with four zeros

The code is 2251 (the number of time each object appears in the room according to the image under each 0)

Grab the remote, use it on the air conditioner on the wall and take the 2nd half circle

Tap the frame on the right of the fire and put the circle on it. Grab the extinguisher

Use the extinguisher on the fire then use the metal cutters to grab the handle in the fire.

Tap the thing on the wall on the right on the tree and use the handle to spin it.

The fish on the ceiling will fall on the ground. Grab the pearl

Tap the dragon statue on the left of the fire and put the pearl in its mouth.

Grab the dragon piece and the knife in the drawer

Tap on the couch and use the knife to open the cushion

Grab the 2nd dragon piece

Tap the winder and put the dragon pieces in the game

The goal is to get all the red dragons to the right and the other dragons to the left. They must not be next to each other at any time.

Simply takes all your red dragons and send them to the bottom. Take the other dragons and send them to the top. You’ll be able to move them with no problems

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