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Can You Escape The 100 Room 8 from HKAppBond

Here is a complete walkthrough for Can You Escape The Room VIII. We will tell you all the solutions with step by step instructions on how to solve all the puzzles. Select the level you are stuck in the list below and you will get all the answers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in another room in the future. Let you can’t stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape… Fantastic games. All of them. Stunning graphics and often a very satisfying brain strain.

Answer level 9 :

1-Take the book on the bed. Open the book. Take the sheet. 2-Tap the sheet in your inventory to see the steps 1 to 9.
3-Tap the drawer desk and tap the door in the middle, take the hammer and the hand bellows.
4-Take the head statue and the pincer on the window edge.
5-Take metal stamp and the kettle on the table near you.
6-Take the stone on the suitcase on the floor.
7-Tap the pillow on the floor and take the plate.
8-Take the matches on the drawer desk.

STEP-1 Tap the head in your inventory and use the hammer on the head, take the piece of plaster.
STEP-2 Tap plate and tap the piece of plaster then tap the plate to move into. Use the hammer on the piece of plaster.
STEP-3 Pour the water in the kettle in the plate.
STEP-4 Use the hammer on the plaster then tap the plate.
STEP-5 Tap the ball of plaster in your inventory and use the stone on the ball.
STEP-6 Tap the plate in your inventory and move the metal stamp in the plate and hold the plate with the pincer.
STEP-7 Move the plate on the stove. Use the matches to ignite the fire. Use the hand bellows on the fire.
STEP-8 Take the plate
STEP-9 Tap the ball of plaster with the square hole and pour the metal into the hole, pour water from kettle on the ball and take the piece of metal.

9-Tap the suitcase one the floor and use the 2 metal you forge, take the paper and the pencil.
10-Tap the drawing table and move the paper on the table.
explication: top square contain 12 black dots per square. count the number of white dots in the middle of each shape.
Bottom square :
Left square contain 9 black dots and there is 1 white dot in the middle.
Middle square contain 10 black dots and there is 2 white dots in the middle.
Right square need 11 black dots and must contain 4 white dots in the middle.

Tap the door and type 3-4-5-1-2-2 to escape

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