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Can You Escape The 100 Room 8 from HKAppBond

Here is a complete walkthrough for Can You Escape The Room VIII. We will tell you all the solutions with step by step instructions on how to solve all the puzzles. Select the level you are stuck in the list below and you will get all the answers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in another room in the future. Let you can’t stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape… Fantastic games. All of them. Stunning graphics and often a very satisfying brain strain.

Answer Level 12 :

1-Take the plate in the left glass cabinet.
2-Tap the chair and move the plate on the top of the box adjust image then take the screwdriver inside.
2-Tap the frame on the right wall and use the screwdriver.
3-Take the ball from the donuts bowl on the table.
4-There are 4 candles on the table. Each have a different length.
5-Tap the board in the right glass cabinet. According to the length of each candle tap buttons for each length. The x correspond to the button you have to hit.
– X – –
– X X –
X X X –
Take the scissors.
6-Use the scissors on the cloth statue in the left cabinet and take the ball.
7-Move the 2 balls on the board on the table then tap the balls again. Take the clue.
8-Tap the blackboard on the left wall. Use the numbers of the clue and draw lines to connect numbers :
12369= on the blackboard if you slide your finger from the 12369 you should realized that you drew the number 7.
Tap the chest on the right wall and enter 7412 and take the half part.
9-Tap the cabinet under the window and move the half part on the board.
10-in this game you need to combine the 2 half part in the center of the wheel according to the drawing 1 to 4. Views solution here then take the key.
11-Use the key to escape.

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