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Can You Escape The 100 Room 8 from HKAppBond

Here is a complete walkthrough for Can You Escape The Room VIII. We will tell you all the solutions with step by step instructions on how to solve all the puzzles. Select the level you are stuck in the list below and you will get all the answers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in another room in the future. Let you can’t stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape… Fantastic games. All of them. Stunning graphics and often a very satisfying brain strain.

Answer Level 11 :

1-Take the figurine on the sofa. 1:25 is engrave on the seat.
2-Tap the cash register and take the arm clock on the brown box. 8:46 is written on the top on the book.
3-Tap the clock and move the arm clock.
4-Rotate arms to 1:25
5-Rotate to 8:46
6-Tap the circles game on the floor. You need to position the dots identically to the white dots on the clock. Then, take the bottle and the 2nd statue.
7-Tap the furniture with the statue in the middle and move the 2 statues from your inventory on the shelf. Take the violon. Look the lines with numbers to open the next box.
8- Tap the box on the floor at your left and tap the 4 circles. Under each circle there are some lines that refer to the tic-tac-toe drawing. Compare the drawing and take the number to find the code. Code is 2-6-4-9 and take the key.
9-Tap the cash register and move the violon on the box, Take the Key.
10-Tap the left glass cabinet and use the key to open and move the bottle from your inventory in the cabinet. Take the gold bull.
11-Tap the brown box on the floor and move the bull on the drawing and take the H letter.
12-Tap the suitcase and use the key to open and take the D letter.
13-Tap boar on the exit door and move the letters. Solution coming.

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  • 6 August 2019 at 9:25 AM

    Step 13: There is no solution given even though it says, “Watch solution here.” Hmm…


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