Brain Sudoku: Puzzle – All The Answers

Brain Sudoku: Puzzle is a game developed by BitMango!

Once again, BitMango deliver with another fantastic game! This time, they released and excellent Sudoku game that will please the fans.

The game is a classic Sudoku game with the default rules. 9×9 grid where each row, column and square must contain only 1 to 9. There is 5 different level of difficulty to please everybody. If you are a beginner or an expert, you will find a challenge for your skills.

If you are stuck, you are at the right place. We will try to list all the solutions here. There is currently hundreds of different levels because they are generated randomly. It is possible that you might not find your solution. Each day we will add many new solutions so be sure to check back again!

Tips & Hints:

Suggestions at the beginning
At the beginning of a game, tap all of the empty cells 1 by 1 and look at the numbers available. The game will tell you which numbers that you can place in that cell and most of the times, there is a few cells that can only contain 1 number. This will make your start way easier and you don’t really need to think for that part because the game tells you.

Use notes

On the bottom right of your screen, you can activate the “note mode”. Make sure you use that because it helps alot to beat the harder levels. The game is intelligent enough to erase the notes when you place a number somewhere else and it cannot be placed in the cell you put a note anymore.
For exemple, take a 9×9 square and note where all the numbers from 1 to 9 can be. (You can put multiple notes per cell). Lets say 1 of you cell has a 2 and 9 possible. You then later place a 9 on the same row of that cell. The game will erase the note you put for the number 9 in that cell and leave only the 2. That way, you don’t need to rethink all what you did. When you have enough note, placing a number will make a “cascade” and more numbers will follow

Answers by Difficulties: