Avatar: Pandora Rising – One Way to Build your Village

Welcome to The Village of Pandora’s.  Here you will find valuable information regarding Pandora, and how to develop your village of move easily through the interface.

The village is where you will spend 50% of your game time and game money.

  1. Regroup all camps on the same side so you will gain time to collect.
  2. Split camps on one side and crafters (Tannery I-II-II, Weaver, Weaver advance and Weapons Hut on the other side, it will be easier to recognize them and craft items.)
  3. Supply shelter should be near the Supply Docks. Before you want to send boats, always look for the Woodsprites protection in the Supply Shelter. If you owned more Woodsprites than the protection, others who need Woodsprites will engage combat against your village to obtain the “money”. You need to activate the “combat protection” protect your home from enemy attacks for a the time of 2-8-12-hours or 1-3 days. Woodsprites are the same as money.
  4. If you have to choose, always upgrade :
  5. A – Village Hall : it is not necessary to upgrade too high. When you raise hall level it gives you the opportunity to upgrade camp and crafters at the same level of the hall so, give importance to raise all building together.
    B – Village Defenses : here you can assign or swap defender and it ii also a good way to watch the bonus troops for each commandant.
    Assign a defender to your Village Defenses, tap “Swap defense” Assign Vineya as your first defender and look for defense details then you will need to assign Troups to Vineya defense.
    C – Supply Docks : Send ressources and reward XP and Woodsprites.
    D – Supply Shelter : Find all currencies and ressources. It is a good place to learn world resources and their colored frames
    (Gray ring = common resource.
    Green ring = uncommon resource.
    Blue ring = Rare.
    In “donation” REQUEST always ask gray ring resources, they are obtained easily by your clan.
    E – Training Ground : Build your decks. It is possible to rename deck by pressing the icon to the right of the name “deck 1” to give the name of your commander.

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