4 Pics 1 Word ~ Deluxe – Answers & Solutions

4 Pics 1 Word ~ Deluxe is a game developed by TANapps.

The name says it, the game present you 4 pics in which you must find the word that unite them all. There is 4 level of difficulty; Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard. Which means that if you are new to this genre of game or a veteran, you will find your challenge!

Usually, in these types of game, you can earn points and ask for hints. In this game, there is no such mechanics. However, there is still a hint system and it’s totally free. The only downside is that you need to wait 30 seconds for each new hint that you want. So, if you are willing to wait a long time use these hints. For the others that doesn’t want to wait, HelpMeWithGames.com is here for you!

Down below, you will find all the answers for each level. Each answer is on a different page because we don’t want to spoil you the next question. This is a game afterall and I’m pretty sure you are playing it to have some fun.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you get stuck in the future!

List of all the levels


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