Fortnite: No More Double Pump Shotgun in 3.0.0

EpicGames just announced today on Reddit that there will be changes on how the pump shotgun works to prevent the “Double Pump Exploit”.

With the upcoming 3.0.0 update, when you fire the pump shotgun, you will need to complete the reload animation before shooting again. If you switch to another weapon without completing the animation and then come back to your pump shotgun, you will need to reload again. Using two pump shotguns and switching quickly between each shot has been a debate for a long time. If you know how to do it properly, it gives you a huge advantage on your enemy. The pump shotgun is supposed to be balanced between doing high damage but having a long reload time.


EpicEricSW on Reddit/r/Fortnite

Many of you have shared feedback with us regarding Pump Shotguns. Thank you! Your input helps shape the future of Battle Royale and we greatly appreciate your comments and concerns.

The Pump Shotgun’s high damage is balanced by its long reload time, and bypassing that weakness makes the weapon stronger than intended.

So, with the upcoming release of 3.0.0, we are making an adjustment to the Pump Shotgun behavior. If you fire the Pump Shotgun and quickly switch weapons, the next time it’s selected it will be forced to pump before firing again. This feature will only be enabled for Pump Shotguns, but we will closely monitor other weapon types for similar concerns.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in Season 3!



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