Homescapes Review: Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Homescapes is a game developed by Playrix Game.

From the same company that brought you Gardenscape. Homescapes is very similar but brings you a totally different story. This game is a match 3 puzzle game just like Bejeweled/Candy Crush. The goal of the game is to complete levels and earn stars. You can then use these stars to upgrade your house just how you like it. The game offer you multiple decoration choices. For exemple, the first thing that you will upgrade is your carpet. Instead of just giving you one choice, you have 3 different layout that you can choose. This means that all the houses will be unique at your own taste.

In each level, you need to collect a specific amount of objects. You also have a fixed amount of moves to complete these goals. If you reach the goal before you run out of moves, you win a star. If you fail to meet the requirements, you lose a life. You have a maximum of 5 lifes and will need to wait a certain amount of time before generating a new one.

Here is a few tips to help you succeed in your journey:


Matching more than 3 pieces together is essential to win. Matching 4 or 5 pieces together gives you a power-up that you can use to blow up more pieces. Here is some power-ups that you can get:

Match 4 pieces in a line: Awards you with a power-up that when used will break a whole line.
Match 4 pieces in a square: Awards you with a paper plane that when used will break adjacent pieces and then fly to another piece of the same color.
Match 5 pieces in a L or a T: Awards you with a bomb that when used will explode in a vast area.
Match 5 pieces in a line: Awards you with a power-up that when swap with a regular piece will break all the pieces of the same color on the grid.

You can use these power-ups by either double tapping on them or swap them with another piece (cost 1 move).

The best part of these power-ups is if you can manage to swap two together. It will result in a bigger power-up. For example, swapping two “4 line power-up” together will break 3 lines horizontal and vertical instead of just one.


Think ahead

This is a relaxing game where you can just swap pieces together and complete levels. This is the case but only for the first few levels. Later on, the levels become extremely difficult and you can’t just randomly swap pieces together. You have a limited amount of moves and you need to think ahead. In your head, try to predict where the pieces will move and try to get power-ups.


In this example, you have only 3 match available. But instead of just doing a random one, we can see that if we break these 3 yellows on the bottom right, the red bow on the top right will go down by 3 cells. It will be aligned with the other red bows to make a bomb.

Instead of doing 2 random 3 match, we used 2 moves to do 2×3 matches but also create a power up that can be used to break even more pieces!


If you really have problems succeeding a level, feel free to use boosters. They can be used before starting a level. The only thing is that it cost real moneys to buy some. Use them wisely if you don’t plan on spending money.


We want you to know that luck is a big factor in winning this game. Sometimes you will feel like the pieces just don’t align. It might take you 50 tries to complete a level but you will eventually make it through. The game is made in a way that you need to either play a lot to win the levels or pay real money. The lives system also prevent you from playing to much so that you don’t get bored by playing too much.

In conclusion, this game is not a competition to win all the levels in one days. If you enjoy it, this game will last you months. You will get frustrated for being stuck on a level for days but when you will finally beat it, you will be very proud of yourself. Have fun playing!


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