Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker Review: Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide

Star Tap is a idle clicker type of game similar to Tap Titans. If you aren’t familiar with the genre, you need to click as many time as possible on your screen to make your character progress. Automatically gather resources to buy upgrades and make your character even stronger. Continue and repeat to keep progressing.

As i’m typing this article, Star Tap is currently in a beta version on the play store and isn’t released yet on the apple store (Developers have confirmed that a build is soon to be ready for the apple store). I’ve been playing for a couple of days now and I didn’t encounter any bug. Everything is running smooth, the progression is realistic and the game is beautiful. This is there first clicker game that I’m enjoying since Tap Titans and Adventure Capitalist. It doesn’t feel like a cheap imitation of the genre. The developers made a really good job and keep improving the game everyday.

What I really like about this game is that it feels very different than most idle games. For once, you aren’t fighting waves of monsters or just collecting money. You are travelling across the space and million of miles per hour!

The goal of the game is to reach milestones. You first start on Earth and you need to reach the moon. You have a distance of X amount of KM before you reach it. Each tap on your screen, makes your rocket go faster thus, reducing the time before you arrive at destination. Meanwhile, you can buy some drones that will automatically gather resources for you. Use these resources to buy more drones, to upgrade them and also to upgrade your rocket. Upgrading your rocket increase the speed you gain with each click. You can also buy abilities that will greatly help you like auto tap for 30 secs or fast forward time. After a you reach level 600, you can reset your journey and start all over from earth. You will keep all the perks you earned and will gain a new currency which is used to buy advancement bonus (Like prestige in other games).

I’ve been playing for a few days and here is my strategy guide to help you progress faster:

Tap Modes

There is 3 tap modes. Starsoul, Resource and Thruster.

It is important to understand what these 3 modes do. you can change them by clicking on the arrow on the bottom left of your screen on the left of your abilities

While in this mode, you gain 4 bonus. Slipstream Collection, Max Multiplier, Max Slipstream Skim and Max Starsoul Tap Bonus.

Slipstream Collection: The amount of ressource your collect during a slipstream
Max Multiplier: The maximum multiplier that you can reach while taping. It increase the speed you gain by that amount.
Max Slipstream Skim: Increase the maximum distance your travel during a slipstream and also your maximum speed
Max Starsoul Tap Bonus: Increase the value of your taps toward the starsoul meter.

This mode is the best to progress if you are afk and also to finish a milestone. It also become the best mode in end game.

While in this mode, you gain 3 bonus. Milestone Rewards, Max Multiplier and Max Synergy Output of drones.

Milestone Reward: If you reach your milestone while in this mode, the bonus resources reward that you get will be increase by this multiplier.
Max Multiplier: The maximum multiplier that you can reach while taping. It increase the speed you gain by that amount.
Max Synergy Output: Increase the amount of resources your drones collect by this amount.

This mode is almost worthless. It doesn’t give a great speed boost, you will almost never be in resource mode when you reach your milestone. Investing points in this mode is a waste. You will gain way more resources from the Slipstreams and Starsouls.

While in this mode, you gain 3 bonus. Critical Boost, Max Multiplier and Max Multi Thruster.

Critical Boost: Chance to increase the value of your tap dramatically
Max Multiplier: The maximum multiplier that you can reach while taping. It increase the speed you gain by that amount.
Max Multi Thruster: Increase the value of your taps.

This is the best mode to gain speed. Before you exit the solar system, this is the only mode that you should upgrade.


How I play with these tap modes:

Put all your points in the Thruster early on. Once you exit the solar system you can start investing in Starsoul.

When you start from a milestone, go to Thruster mode and tap with all your fingers as fast as you can. Gather some speed as long as the timer goes down. When it slows down and your taps doesn’t really improve it anymore, switch to Starsoul mode until you reach your milestone. With all the speed you got from Thrusters, the speed multiplier of Starsoul is even better.


What is starsouls or that big blue round on the left of my screen?

The blue circle on the left of your screen is called Starsoul. Each tap contribute on filling the meter. When the meter is full, you will enter a slipstream. The slipstream gives you a resource boost and also rip space and time making you progress around 5% of the total distance. Starsoul tap mode increase this bonus.

At the beginning of your milestone, it only require a dozen of taps to enter a slipstream. Each slipstream increase the number of taps required to gain the next one. This is why Starsoul tap mode is really efficient later. You will also get most of your resources from this.


Milestone perks

Each time you reach a milestone, you can choose one of the three perks. Note that these perks are permanent and will stay after the reset. These bonus are cumulative which helps you progress faster on reset.

I strongly recommend to not get the resource perk. On reset, that small amount of resource will be useless because you will progress too fast. On solar system planet, always take the tap boost for your first 5 runs. These 500 taps will be more efficient than a 5% reduce distance. After a few reset, you will be able to progress without even tapping. Once you get out of the solar system, for you 2-3 first reset, take the % reduce distance. The distance value increase dramatically and it will be needed. Once you can do the milestone fairly easy, take the tap boosts.


Keep your gems!

Do not use your gems by buying boost in the gem store. It might be tempting to buy a resource boost or advance in time a few hours but believe me, it is worth to keep your gems.

After you prestige, you gain some perks boost. Items you can buy randomly with the points you get. Getting a set of these items give you an even bigger boost. The thing is that the items you get are random and most of them are useless. The more you get, the more they cost. If you are unlucky and get all the bad items at the beginning, your progression will be way too hard. This is why you will need gem to reroll these items.


Best items perks:

If you look in the advancement bonuses of the prestige menu, there is some set bonus once you collect all the items. The one you are aiming for is Science on the top left. This is the best one to progress and farm prestige. It makes all your abilites reset once you get to a milestone. Once you get it, simply activate all your abilities and you will skip a milestone. It will make you progress really fast so you can farm reset and get even more points. Unfortunately the science set has been nerf and only grant 50% cooldown reduction on milestone. It is still good but no where near as it was before. You should aim for important items instead of sets. Especially the one that increases your exotic matter.

Items not to be salvaged:

Exotic Matter Sensor: Increase the bonus Exotic Matter that you get (the prestige points on reset)
DM Coating: Increase all resources collection
Solid Will: Increase resources collection from slipstream.
Focused Resolve: Starsoul activation increment reduced

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