Spa Day with Daddy – Makeover Adventure for Girls – Review

Spa Day with Daddy – Makeover Adventure for Girls is a game developed by TabTale

This game is aimed at kids, especially girls. In it, your kids will be able to play with a dad character and bring them to the spa. They will do a lot of normally embarrassing things that a dad would never do a the spa. They will be able to do a make up on the dad, a manicure and even much more.

Overall, the game is fun enough for a little kid to enjoy it for a while.

The only thing that, as a parent, you need to watch is that this game has many, many ads. There is a banner at the bottom and constant popups. Make sure you teach your kids to not click on ads that they don’t want and that they are not part of the game.

Also, in this game, half the levels are locked and when you want to play one, you get a popup that ask you to pay 5$ to unlock all of the levels. If you don’t intend to pay to unlock the levels, make sure you kid can’t do it. It is really easy to click on that button as a 3 year old. Make sure you have parental controls on your phone and that your google play account is protected by a password.

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