Emojination 2: Game Review


Our featured app today is Emojination 2 (also named Emojination 3D), a game made by CloudTeam. If you ever played any other emoji quiz games, then this one will be familiar to you. The concept is easy, you are presented with a series of emojis and you need to guess the word with the letters available. The progression system is similar to Candy Crush; you have a map with levels and for each level you need to guess a few answers to proceed to the next one. There is also “bonus” themed levels, For example, there is one about movies.

Screenshot_20160602-095719 Screenshot_20160602-095724

Screenshot_20160602-095733 Screenshot_20160602-095757

Overall, the game is not an unique concept since there is many emoji games and some answers are the same. But if you like these type of games, or if it’s your first emoji quiz game, then we strongly suggest you to try it! The best thing they did is the interactive map with keys and bonus levels. It’s not just a boring flat menu.

We recommend this game for everybody since it has no violence and can be a good teaching tool for kids that learned how to write since it will practice their thinking and resolution.

At the beginning, the words can be easy to find but the further you go up in levels, the harder it gets. This is why we made a guide with all the answers for all the packs.


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