Emoji Quiz: Game Review

Emoji Quiz

Our featured app today is Emoji Quiz, a game made by Mari Apps. If you ever played any logo quiz games, you will then be familiar with this game. Like any other logo quiz game, you are presented with an image and you need to guess the word associated with it. The difference in this game is that instead of showing a logo or a picture, you are presented with a series of emojis which form a charade.

emoji quiz review

In this case, the words we are searching for are “Mail” and “Box” which forms Mail box.

We recommend this game for everybody since it has no violence and can be a good teaching tool for kids that learned how to write since it will practice their thinking and resolution.

At the beginning, the words can be easy to find but the further you go up in levels, the harder it gets. This is why we made a guide with all the answers for all the packs.

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