100 Doors The Mystic Christmas – Level 40

100 Doors The Mystic Christmas

All The Answers here : developers of the 100 DOORS game series presenting a NEW STORY. Solve floors of puzzles, explore mysterious hidden locations, fight with wild beasts and help Alexander uncover the mysterious death of his uncle.

Solution for level  40 :

In this level you need to light up the torch.

1-Tap the knife.
2-The stick.
3-Tap the knife and Tap the rag.
4-Tap the knife and tap the root.
Tap the rag and the stick to combine in a torch.
Tap the root and tap the torch to combine and tie the rag.
5-Tap the torch and tap+swipe to the right to open the wooden box.
Tap the matchbox in the box.
Tap the matchbox to ignite the torch.

Click here to Escape!

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