100 Doors Games 2019 – Escape from School – Level 95

100 Doors Games 2019 by DigitalEagle

Updated. The main goal in 100 Doors games 2019 is to escape the school.
Using all the possibilities of the device you need to
open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level.
Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this!!!!!!!

Level 95 : 

Tap the red screwdriver handle from the fountain.
Tap the screwdriver bit from lower right of your screen.
Combine handle and bit.
Tap on the lower right flower to collect a piece of puzzle.
Tap on the leaf on the left to take a hexagon screw.

Tap the box under the table
Move the puzzle piece in the center.
Move the screw in the middle.
Use the screwdriver on the screw.

Complete the right butterfly first.
Start the center butterfly with the top and the left side and exchange with the left side.
On the left butterfly, place the bottom, the left and the top.
Remember to switch with the bottom and the left side of the butterfly in the center, do not touch the top and the right side.

Take the key from the box under the table.

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