100 Doors: Dare to unlock – Level 98

100 Doors: Dare to unlock

ALL THE ANSWERS. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of incredible adventures and secrets that fill each of the levels: find objects, solve problems and complex riddles.
The main goal in 100 Doors is to escape the room like secret doors.  Using all the possibilities of the device you need to open each of 100 doors and move the doors to the next Level. Search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and use an items to do this!

Answer :

In this level :
You need to move all shapes in their appropriate section left, up, right or down.

Hint :
In the middle circle, you can see shapes : Oval, rectangle, triangle and circle, they indicate the side up, right, down and left that shapes need to be moved.
The 3 lines near the shapes indicate the position of the shape 1-2-3 or 3-2-1.

Shapes in green and purple rings:
In each shapes you can see that there is 1,2 or 3 lines or dots that determine is strength like a dice with 1 to 6 dots.

Rings :
There are 2 rings, purple and green.
You need to move all “circle shapes” from green and purple rings to the left side, ovals need to move to the top, rectangles to the right side and triangle to the bottom.

How to move :
Start with the Oval shapes : On the purple ring, tap the “oval with the 2 lines” and bring it to its position by taping the rectangle with “the 2 lines and the circle inside” to interchanging.
Move shapes one by one. Try not to overlay the shapes.

Click here to Escape!