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All the answers! Do you like puzzles and hidden objects? Playing games from 100 Doors and 100 Floors series? Then this point and click game is exactly what you need! Use all your skills to complete all levels and get all achievements!!!!!!!

Choose your level :

Level 1   ♦Level 2   ♦Level 3   ♦Level 4 
Level 5   ♦Level 6   ♦Level 7   ♦Level 8 
Level 9   ♦Level 10Level 11Level 12
Level 13Level 14Level 15Level 16
Level 17Level 18Level 19Level 20

Level 21Level 22Level 23Level 24
Level 25Level 26Level 27Level 28
Level 29Level 30Level 31Level 32
Level 33Level 34Level 35Level 36
Level 37Level 38Level 39Level 40

Level 41Level 42Level 43Level 44
Level 45Level 46Level 47Level 48
Level 49Level 50Level 51Level 52
Level 53Level 54Level 55Level 56
Level 57Level 58Level 59Level 60

Level 61Level 62Level 63Level 64
Level 65Level 66Level 67Level 68
Level 69Level 70Level 71Level 72
Level 73Level 74Level 75Level 76
Level 77Level 78Level 79Level 80

Level 81Level 82Level 83Level 84
Level 85Level 86Level 87Level 88
Level 89Level 90Level 91Level 92
Level 93Level 94Level 95Level 96
Level 97Level 98Level 99Lvl 100

Lvl 101Lvl 102Lvl 103Lvl 104
Lvl 105Lvl 106Lvl 107Lvl 108
Lvl 109Lvl 110Lvl 111Lvl 112
Lvl 113Lvl 114Lvl 115Lvl 116
Lvl 117Lvl 118Lvl 119Lvl 120

Lvl 121Lvl 122Lvl 123Lvl 124
Lvl 125 ♦Lvl 126 ♦Lvl 127 ♦Lvl 128
Lvl 129 ♦Lvl 130

Click here to Escape!

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  1. My level 040 is different from what’s on here. I have the doors with four gongs surrounding the door. On the floor is a mallet like stick and numbers 3435. There is a counter clockwise symbol surrounding the numbers and the first number 3 is yellow

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