100 Doors Challenge 2 – Walkthrough – Level 31

100 Doors Hidden Objects and Challenge 2, from Protey Games

All the answers here! Prove that you can pass all the tests of the insidious house in the game 100 Doors Challenge 2.

The Walkthrough for levels 31 :

  • There is 3 ankh symbols on the door.
    Tap the gold ankh symbol hung on the neck of the cat’s statue.
    Insert the ankh symbol in the upper circle.
    Tap the bronze anks symbol on the spear.
    Insert the ankh symbol in the lower circle.
    Tap the ceramic pot.
    Cover the ankh symbol on the floor with the pot.
    move the pot away from scorpion.
    Tap the pot.
    Tap the ankh symbol.
    Insert the ankh symbol in the middle circle.
    Click here to Escape!

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